aino's comms!

Hi, I am Aino, and I go by the username of howlingepiphany! I am an adult agender artist from Finland, and I have a passion for biology, nature and writing.


- Payment must be completed beforehand. Contact me on Instagram or DeviantART to place an order!
- payment happens via paypal or bank account (if you are from finland, to be specific)
- I need approximately from a week to two months to finish your commission - this time may vary according to the size of the said artwork and my current queue. You will be receiving as little or as many work in progress -shots as you wish for. I will always let you know in advanceif it takes longer for any particular reason
- each additional character is 50% off the price
- Please be able to provide a proper reference!
- I am up for drawing anything, any specie etc.!
- as of september, 2021, i will only be accepting payments with goods and services -option
- Mild gore and artistic nudity are alright, but I won't draw explicit NSFW - obviously, I will not draw any racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise harmful content. Nsfw is human or anthro only, anyone asking for feral nsfw will be blocked
- Last updated in july, 2022

toony art

bust ups

- $25 (sketchy), $30 (lined)
- no complexity fee


- $35 (sketchy), $40 (lined)
- no complexity fee


- $25
- no complexity fee

custom designs

- $70 (custom lines), $30 (base (bases by queerly)), $15 (shitpon)
- no complexity fee

Shitpost ponies

- $10
- no complexity fee

Semi-realistic art

- $30 (bust ups), $50 (fullbody), $70 custom design
- any species!


- floral/other decorations $5
- backgrounds (photomanipulated, free or bought stock) $5